The new animal jumping puzzle.

Welcome to Number Hopper: The mental skill game that brings you a different puzzle every day. This fun game challenges you to get your character to reach its destination by hopping from square to square depending on their value. It may seem simple but the difficulty lies in getting as many points as possible.

Number Hopper gameplay includes:

This game is free for 5X5 square boards and only one type of hopper. By making a single small payment you will have access to:

  • 4X4, 6X6 and 7X7 boards.
  • Possibility to choose between 9 different characters

Challenge yourself with a daily puzzle and test yourself by trying to improve your records. Play alone, with friends or with your kids: find out who gets the best scores by sharing your results on your social networks. Number Hooper is the new NestorGames puzzle implemented by Garaje Imagina that starts a whole new series of games that test your ability to solve the most interesting and funny mental challenges: Dare to play with Number Hopper.

  • A different puzzle every day.
  • Access to previous daily challenges to improve your scores.
  • Sharing your scores on social networks.

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